Billy Chinook Falls

Billy Chinook Falls is an amazing sight among the Central Oregon landscape.

Wizard Falls

So, this is when I have to admit I can be silly. I have been trying to get the internet to tell me where to find Wizard Falls. Everything says to go to the Wizard Falls Fish Hatchery. I could not find anything that was super clear, so I will make up for that. Wizard…

Steelhead Falls

Even with a gloomy day, I found the entire area beautiful. I imagine in the summer the colors of the surrounding rock formations, vegetation, and water just bath the senses.

Happy 2016 Waterfall Hunting Season!

Sherars Falls

Sherars Falls is a wonderfully significant beauty on the Deschutes River. It’s the site of a crossing point for local tribes as well as a sacred fishing ground. If you come during the right time you can find members of the Warm Springs Nation fishing. There is something unexpected about the area. Maybe it’s my…

White River Falls

Often overlooked, but hardly outdone, White River Falls is worth the trip.

Cline Falls

Cline Falls has the distinction of being the first waterfall I could not find the first time. I can admit, it was partially due to lack of due diligence. I knew there was Cline Falls State Park, and I assumed the waterfall was there. However, when I took my family of three to go see…

Fall River Falls

Fall River Falls is a great family trip. The walk is easy, the bank is friendly, and the view is magnificent.

Pringle Falls

As you can see, there is nothing really to see here.

Diamond Creek Falls

  Diamond Creek Falls is a 1.5 mile hike from the Salt Creek Falls parking lot. I used the directions in the book Bend, Overall. Though, this time around we took the Cascades Lake Highway to HWY 58. It was close to a 70 minute drive. We had a couple pit stops along the way (I…

Vidae Falls

My family took a day trip to Crater Lake today. I knew the area had some waterfalls, but I had not planned on seeing them. It was not our trip, we were tagging a long. Fate smiles on the brave, however. We stumbled on Vidae Falls on Crater Rim Drive. The viewpoint is right off…